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What's the Purpose?

Studies show that we are at risk for increased depression, loneliness and anxiety now more than ever.  We want to give our students, parents and leaders tools to deal with not just this difficult time, but regular and difficult times in the future.

Our Purpose:
  • Help you take responsibility for your own mental health.

  • Provide actionable, sustainable and real world ideas of how to understand and manage your mental health.

  • Create a safe place to talk about mental health.

  • Develop a healthy emotional vocabulary and the skill to share emotions effectively.



Gardener's Tools

We believe God created our complex bodies and minds.

And when we are healthy, we can grow in our faith and care for others.


In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was running for his life.  He wanted to die.  He asked God to end his life.  Then, he fell asleep.  During the time that followed, God didn't tell Elijah to get up and get to work.  God gave Elijah food, drink and rest.  God prioritized Elijah's physical needs and mental health before sending him to continue the journey.  

When we are healthy, we can best live into the call God has for us.

The 3 D's: The Visionaries, The Planners, The . . . 

We are a group of Youth & Young Adult leaders who believe we have a role to play in Mental Health for all.  That role is to create opportunities for anyone to assess and create their own toolbox for mental wellness.  

Diana Esposito 
Diana is an Ordained Deacon and has been running youth ministry activities at various levels since she was a teen. She has served youth ministries at 6 United Methodist Churches and Camp Innabah. Diana also serves as a Campus Minister at the Wesley Foundation of Philadelphia on the Drexel University campus. It is Diana's goal to serve in ministry alongside youth and young adults instead of providing ministry at or to youth and young adults. 

Denise Harris 

Denise has been in youth ministry for 24 years.  She has been at Yardley for 19 years.  Denise has been director of MyCalling! for 7 years.Over the years, youth ministry has changed. As we move into the next new change, it's important we remember the needs of teens... To know they are loved by God.


David Piltz 

Piltz does things and thinks things too.

Rev. Dave Piltz, a licensed Pastor of the United Methodist Church, commonly referred to by everyone as just Piltz has 25 years of experience of being a youth leader/director.

In his non-church work, he is a specialist in instructional design, organization design and in developing interactive learning tools, simulations, training games, and unique facilitation tools and methods. Currently, he is a Marriage and Family therapist and owns M.E. Matters, LLC.

If you have resources to share or want to talk, please select the button below. 

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